Long-Time Nuclear Waste Warning Booty Shorts

The meme of the long-time nuclear waste warning booty shorts is consistently the most hilarious thing I can imagine. I think this is when it was first made up: https://twitter.com/Mochasucculent/status/1256386154653380608

So anyhow, I figured, what if Colonel Hakeev in long-time nuclear waste warning booty shorts?

Then I thought, what if *me* in long-time nuclear waste warning booty shorts??

I can tell you it is the best.

Lorge Boi Hours

“Hello I am the newest recruit. I am a perfectly normal Romulan here to support your terrorist organization, and not at all affiliated with the Tal Shiar.”

I’ve been cracking myself up by making a Colonel Hakeev and running around the Flotilla in a Romulan Republic uniform

It’s lorge boi hours in Character Creation: The Game

He does instantly make any situation 100% more hilarious, though.