Iona Fails at Dinner Preparation

Soon after my Skyrim character purchased a house in Riften, I popped by to see how things were going. My housecarl, Iona, had laid out a nice dinner for me. I sat down, ready to tuck in, and then I noticed that Iona had gotten one thing wrong: the plate was on top of the food.


The seared slaughterfish steak was underneath the wooden plate. There is a serious disconnect there. But Iona tries so hard, bless her, I still haven’t pointed this out to her. And she still puts my plates on top of my food.

24 Hour Comic Book Day 2014

Well, this year has really flown by, and next weekend will be 24 Hour Comic Book Day 2014! It seems like just yesterday that I did my 2013 comic. Heck, I still haven’t even scanned my 2013 comic yet. Oops. Gotta get on that.

To be honest, I am somewhat scared of the task this year. But I am also excited, so here goes nothing! It will be difficult to not think about comic ideas in the meantime, though. Good luck to everybody participating this year!