Frankenpeysa Sleeves!

With the winter break, I’ve been able to really make lots of progress on my knitting (and since I’m cat-sitting, there’s been a kitty to assist me)

Kitty helping me knit
She has been very helpful whenever I needed the yarn batted at or chewed on
Kitty being helpful
As well as keeping my lap warm

So now, I have the trunk and the sleeves done! All I need to do now is join them and work the yoke. Hooray!

Working the sleeve
This is how sleeves are born
Trunk and a sleeve finished
It will look something like this… except it will have both sleeves, and have a yoke, and be connected…

Stage One of the Frankenpeysur Complete

Well, I have completed stage one of the Frankenpeysur! That is to say, the trunk. I’ve finished knitting the trunk up to 40cm long. According to the pattern, this means now I have to knit the sleeves and then knit them in. Wooooo-hoo!

The finished Frankenpeysa trunk

Since this practice peysa has been going well, I went ahead and ordered the lopi to make an actual lopapeysa.

I’m afraid I don’t have anything more exciting to update everybody on. We got a new couch, which I suppose is… sort of exciting?