SFO Wind Speed

This has felt like a particularly windy year, so we’ve been wondering if it really has been getting windier here or if that’s just our perception.

I got the wind speeds for the past ~40 years from a sensor at SFO from NOAA, and tried looking at it in different ways to see. So far it doesn’t really look like things are getting windier, but there’s certainly more ways I could analyze the data to get a better idea.

average windspeed (mph) by year

average windspeed (mph) by season (that year that seemed to peak early in the spring and had a still summer is 1996)

Multiclassing in Multiplayer

I decided to have my drow paladin pick up a few levels of bard in our multiplayer campaign so we could have jam sessions together. He’s an Eilistraeen paladin, so honestly a few levels of bard just works out pretty thematically anyway.

Tavnafein the Eilistraeen drow paladin jamming with Doc’s character, The Dark Urge. A white dragonborn sorcerer literally named The Dark Urge.