Steeny Ipsum

For lulz, I decided to make a program that would scrape my blog posts and use Markov chains to generate “posts” in my “writing style.” The idea is that, if by 5AM Monday morning I haven’t posted anything to my blog, then Steeny Ipsum will step in and blog for me. This is purely intended to troll my friends with whom I am participating in an Iron Blogger challenge, where we have to post at least once each week by Monday morning at 6AM.

I’m sure all the members of Iron Blogger are quite familiar with the weekly stress of Sunday nights – scrambling to think of something to blog about (wanting it to be really good quality content) and feeling shamed when they accede to merely typing “I went to the park today” and pressing publish.

I haven’t set up the cron job yet so Steeny Ispum isn’t live yet, but some of the content it has been generating has been absolutely hilarious. Sometimes I think that Steeny Ipsum is better at writing blog posts than I am!

For example, in an early test of my code, it wrote this when I only had it “learn” how to write from last week’s post:

Top ten reasons I decided to invade the Warlock, and it is the Warlock, and over, that I’m joking about the Warlock, and scared and being subservient. I frequently have to tuck him into bed, but it would be really weird. I think I’m lovely. This was something and he bids me to flag, and I feel like that??? He very politely asks me to do good with the same pattern.

Gold! Pure gold!

I also let Steeny Ipsum pick how long of a post it wants to make, between 100 and 500 words, since that is the average range of my real blog posts.

Part of me thinks it would be the ultimate joke if I forgot about Steeny Ipsum years after it went live, and then I eventually died, and then Steeny Ipsum just kept posting. Maybe it could generate its own income to pay for its hosting via advertising (or something?) and then continue to generate its content forever. Something about that just makes me think it is so hilarious. But I don’t want to hurt my friends or family if they think it would be painful to see Steeny Ipsum post. Doc says he also thinks it would be funny, though, so that’s good.

If I like Steeny Ipsum after I’m done making it, I might try to publish it as a WordPress plugin… to share it with the world!

If you’re interested, here is an example of a full post Steeny Ipsum wrote when given my full repertoire of blog posts to learn from:

He gets less crunchy. So now, what is vegan, we will basically any massive pain in time. I couldn’t find their own gems, so for others better, to let it out at $2.39 if the cultists and the data. But do not know that don’t know what I fell into it, it is to have to continue and blame him or Rails web apps since we went downstairs to an output that it seemed to be doing the “Mega Gnar,” where I am suspicious of which I don’t use and feel free and in Golden Gate Park, et cetera. 

I was researching more moisture content affected the stats on ASAP. I decided it is to have a lot more cabbage, and features to be in the inn for him to cosplay for anybody who I ended up about 2PM, on your vegetables that the pie shell. THEN, add up breaking the fact that goes and converted that. I had a ghost pepper (it was a massive trips without it), it is the map that finds it is no cabbie would say which means to the stats I had moved him saying, “When I feel free to make him because the same trip,” but they don’t wander around with associated latitude/longitude into the shot of his time doing this was still very likely end of the program to see every single resident of the 1,000,000 hours doing it! 

All cheese where they would be, so many of an associated with Dungeon Keeper II again. I was off the game, which saved all evening. I understand it is literally what Doc bought it, that “The Poet,” as I was technically diluted by what your own original world for free to check out on any buddies will see, in this guy who can’t just move the test cheeses, we skipped that would be about Set and huge beefy guys (because somebody working thus far), and I lost the hill. I was successfully growing in mind being friends and other weird brain-eating amoebae or gummed up with it, based on multiple latitude, longitude trips such a lot of Turkey Terror that are not sure to eat or something we ate up Skyrim again, there’s a greyish yellow go-karts, touring Alcatraz, checking out there was still swam around windy blind corners! Joy! Guess how to Me.

Doc and without Leaf Spy will attempt to speak it. Like, ultra paranoid. Having grown up only variables, though. Good luck to me for Sambocade (elderflower cheesecake). So I would be making up talking about that are the city all bad, but now worships Mara and ugh that’s it. As you spent 7.6% of the saurkraut is pretty exhausting, because I love the wilderness stuff, and made a b-line for my favorite 🙂 

Learn it. It seems most of the steps and then I used for dipping. 

This weekend, because this time. All I’ve been fermenting is vegetables, it’s incredibly different.

I love the apparent moments of clarity that Steeny Ipsum gets now and again.

I’m also running tests in letting Steeny Ipsum post to Twitter. This one is also not officially live yet, but so far so good. Since Twitter was much simpler to automate posts for, the Twitter account is mostly just waiting for me to let it loose on the world. But since I’m more interested in the blog poster, it has kind of gone by the wayside and is waiting for the blog to be finished.

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War for the Overworld

Following my rediscovery of my old obsession with Dungeon Keeper II, I decided to check out War For the Overworld (pretty much a modern DKII clone / spiritual successor). It instantly pulled me in, and I immediately beat the main campaign plus the Heart of Gold expansion campaign.

I feel like they really nailed the personality and humor of the originals. This was something that I was most concerned about, to be honest, but they did it. They even have the “Vincent Price Narrator” character (as I call him).

They also added a bunch of their own lore which I like. I like how the “Underlords” are dark ethereal beings from outer space. I also really, really like the Cultist unit. They’re pretty much this game’s version of the Warlock, and as you’ll recall I was obsessed with the Warlock and would not be content until my dungeon was packed full with a kabillion Warlocks. Well, my interactions with the cultist unit have been following the same pattern:


Only 16??? Not nearly enough! One of my save game files, I took over an enemy’s archives which was ginormous, and I ended up with… easily 30 cultists. I appropriately named that saved game file “cultists-like-whoa”

Top ten reasons I like the cultist unit:

  1. He’s funny
  2. He tells me (the Underlord) that I’m lovely
  3. He greets me and bids me good morning when he wakes up
  4. He admires how big and strong I am
  5. He is nice to me and flatters me
  6. He is the intellectual workhorse of the dungeon, pretty much does all the non-physical work that needs doing (performs dark rituals, researches tech, studies artifacts, etc)
  7. He very politely asks me to tuck him into bed, but then immediately feels too shy about his request and retracts it
  8. He really, really likes it when I possess him. He REALLY likes it. Like, it is the best thing that ever happened to him or something
  9. He likes pretty much anything and everything that has to do with evil and being subservient
  10. He is the best

My critters dutifully training and honing their combat skills

You think I’m joking about the cultists like whoa?


I made an “All Cultists Dungeon” project… I did it for the lulz.

You think I would joke about a thing like that???


If I accidentally got a non cultist in my cultists-only experiment, then I would have seen it as my losing. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to avoid neutral creatures joining your cause…

I’ll admit that some aspects of the game are a tad clunky, but it is an indie game. Your units’ AI, for example, can be frustrating. I frequently have units wander off and get lost, and then get angry at me that they are hungry and didn’t get paid. But unfortunately, unlike in DKII, you cannot pick up your units unless they are on your territory. I understand why this is, and it makes sense that they did it to address gameplay balance issues (so you can’t just rescue all your units in the heat of battle, etc). But this side-effect of it is annoying. Whenever a unit got lost and scared and hungry and cold in DKII, I’d just swoop in, pick it up, and drop it in the nice happy dungeon with all the amenities they love. But in WftO, I can only look at them sadly and hope they eventually find their way back home.

I pretty much just seal all my guys in my dungeon and never allow them to go outside so they don’t wander off and get lost and frustrated, but of course whenever I need to rally them to invade the heroes, I have to let them outside. So everybody goes and has a jolly good time battling heroes (I love that the monsters all sound so ecstatic and fervently raucous whenever they go into battle), and when all the heroes are dead I take down the rally flag and MOST of the critters make a b-line for the dungeon. But some of them want to check out the new area or see if there’s anything cool in the hero structures, and they linger. But then they forget to go home and eat or something, and they get all pissed off and blame me for it.

There are, however, two additions to this game (not present in DKII) that I really like:

  • Beasts don’t get salaries (because what would they do with it) or need the same amenities that intelligent creatures do
  • You can put creatures in a “peace band” so that they will ignore any battle-rallies and continue to work in the dungeon. I can’t tell you how many times I wish I had this in DKII! It is good to always keep a couple of cultists and foundry-workers (chunders etc) in a peace band, so operations don’t screech to a halt once you order everybody to march off to battle

The Archon studying an artifact in the archives (I like that your “evil” archives have books and papers strewn all over the floor, whereas the heroes’ archives are all neat and tidy – and if you claim a hero archive, the first thing that happens is books and papers immediately get strewn upon the floor. Because evil.)

All in all it is a wonderful, addicting, hilarious game and I would highly recommend it!

I only have one complaint about the game, which is that they happen to use a somewhat nasty ableist slur A LOT. Like, a lot a lot. Especially on any level with the dwarves as the main hero-enemy. I felt kind of embarrassed to play it whenever the narrator would say the m-word over and over and over, that I actually turned my sound way down on those levels because it made me feel really weird. I feel like they could have just as easily called the dwarves “half pints” or “short stuff” or something and it would have had the same impact, and I think it would have been much funnier. So if you are bothered by things like that, keep this in mind if you’re interested in playing the game.

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24 Hour Comic Book Day 2016

24 Hour Comic Book Day 2016

Well, another 24 Hour Comic Book Day has come and gone! I finished another comic book. I feel like it started pretty strong, but I couldn’t think of a way to end it.

I was spending too much time thinking of an ending and saw the time just ticking away so… I just gave it an awful ending so I would stop spending time thinking about it.

Oh, well. At least I finished!

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