Julie d’Aubigny

So I did this year’s 24 Hour Comic Day about my own personal hero, Julie d’Aubigny. AKA Mademoiselle Maupin.

Fencing and kissing. Fencing and kissing.

I’m less happy that I didn’t come up with my own original story for this year’s comic, but I just was hitting a block so I just started drawing Julie d’Aubigny’s life story. It is something!

Other people seem to like it well enough, though. It is hard to go wrong with fencing and kissing on every page!

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Seen Any Elves?

Seen Any Elves?

One of the things that Nords apparently love to say over and over is “Seen any ELVES??” And then they burst out cackling like they just said the funniest thing in the world.

And I just don’t get it. At all. Like, is it supposed to be a threat? Is it supposed to be funny? What is going on?

I don’t think Master Aryon understands what the Nords are going on about, either, but Steen just needed to vent. And I’m sure Aryon has… opinions on Nords.

I’ve also just noticed that apparently, in this comic, Mistress Steen and Master Aryon live in the Desert Golfing world. This was unintentional, but this is my headcanon now.

Also, I’m going to go do 24 Hour Comics Day tomorrow… and I’m super nervous. I don’t know why I put myself through this every year, but I’m always glad that I do.

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Science Fair

Dork-Punk Science Fair

I got to go to a sort of dork-punk aesthetic science fair ish event, and it was very fun. It was like a super nerdy party, I guess. Or, as I overheard one of the guests describe it, “a dirty back-alley science fair.”

Dork-Punk Science Fair
Dork-Punk Science Fair

Plus I made an elf crown for myself. So, everything is good when you have an elf crown.

Dork-Punk Science Fair


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