Camp Tipsy 2017

Doc, Jon, and I just got back from Camp Tipsy. We were up there since Thursday and it was very very hot – but it wasn’t so bad because it was a very dry heat (and also we had a lake to jump in).

Camp Tipsy 2017



Camp Tipsy 2017

Doc and Jon at Sunset

Camp Tipsy 2017

“Queen Ladoga – it floats”

Jon swimming to the boat

Jon swimming up to the boat

Camp Tipsy 2017 Killed My Sleeping Pad

It got so hot that my sleeping pad started expanding and started popping all its quilting, and now there’s permanently a huge weird blister on it so it is dead now and I need to buy a new one, but I had this for 10 years now so it is time

Camp Tipsy 2017

There is apparently such a thing as a soft tick, and it looks like this

Camp Tipsy 2017

Fire at sunset

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Sworn Duty: Final

So, obviously, I was suuuper interested in saving Emperor Uriel Septim VII, and I found the opening quests in Oblivion suuuper compelling.


There are actually things I like about Oblivion – a lot of the hotkeys and controls are much better and more intuitive than Morrowind or even Skyrim. And yet… I just never got as into it like I did Morrowind or Skyrim. It wasn’t for lack of trying, though. I think the two main things working against this game are:

  1. I hate the Empire and I haaaaate colonialism, and Oblivion takes place in Cyrodil. Barf.
  2. Everybody is way too uncanny-valley-ugly and I can’t stand it


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Native Bee Talk

Native bee talk in Marin today

Native bee talk!

Today, Doc and I went to the native bee talk at Heiðrún Meadery, up in West Marin today. It was great, we got to learn a lot about native bees, and then we got to walk around and look at native bees and catch them to look at them (and then release them, of course). Doc even caught a cuckoo bee!

Native bee talk in Marin today

The cuckoo bee that Doc caught

Everybody looked around a lot for bumblebees, because supposedly it is the season for there to be lots of them, but we did not see any bumblebees (surprising, too, because at my office in Marin I see bumblebees all the time). Oh, well. We saw at least 5 other species of native bees, though!

Native bee talk in Marin today

The meadery’s hives for European honeybees (not California native bees, but still fun)

The lecture also coincided with oyster Sunday at the meadery, so we got to have oysters and mead as well.

Native bee talk in Marin today

Doc drinking mead

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