Quartermaster Steen Hard at Work

Quartermaster Steen Hard at Work

I have so much of this dang fabric now, I could outfit a whole platoon of Romulans. My sister and I have been joking that now I’m a Romulan quartermaster. I’ve just been working on quilting it all.

“Welcome recruit! Be sure to go see Quartermaster Steen about your uniform!”

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Pattern Drafted

I got the pattern drafted and my prototypes seem to be working out pretty well. Huzzah!

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New Project

Welp I’ve started a new project which has consumed my life for the time being… it has called for a lot of quilting, which is simple but rather time consuming. But it will allllll pay off I’m sure.


I love that many of my friends have been able to identify the project with this minimal amount of information 😉

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