Made it to Croatia!

Well, we made it to Croatia! It is also really interesting here, and it is really fun to learn about the history of why it has those weird borders, and getting another aspect of the Balkans and how they relate to each other (today and throughout history).

It is similar in ways I didn’t expect, but also different in ways I didn’t expect. I’m glad we made it out here! I’m not glad we took a bus, though. I actually bought a plane ticket to replace our next bus ticket because, we’re all full up on type B adventure for now.

Serbia Trip

Well we’re here in Serbia for our Balkans trip, and it’s been really nice lately. Belgrade is an amazing town, and there’s a lot of history here.

So far we’ve done a lot of eating, drinking, and walking. I’ve walked all around everywhere. We’ve explored Belgrade Fortress, Golubac Fortress, and Viminacium. We’re hoping to get some good hikes in, but honestly I haven’t been able to find any hiking maps! I’m considering just driving to the trailhead tomorrow and hoping there’s a ranger station there with maps :-/

We’ll see how that goes!

Morrowind with Steam Controller

This weekend I tried out playing Morrowind with the Steam Controller for the first time, and it surprisingly worked really really well. I’d say *almost* as good as using a mouse and keyboard. So now, if I feel like playing a game on the TV whilst sitting on the couch, I can choose Morrowind!

As though I needed more reasons to play it 😉

But seriously, it is really good, I just used the default “most popular” controller mapping for Morrowind out there and just adjusted the sensitivity of the “mouse scroll” down. Other than that, I didn’t have to change a thing.

This, after several involved attempts to patch together some sort of homebrewed solution with third party software and only getting it working OK.