Pac Man Peysa: The Yoke (Finally)

I’ve been going super slow on the Pac Man Peysa, but I’ve finally finished both sleeves and have started working the yoke.

I've finally started working the yoke on the Pac Man Peysa

UGH but I don’t think I’ll finish it in time for Doc to wear it in Iceland. I slacked off too much!!

Welp I stayed up late and gave it a big push to try and finish, and I got FURTHER, but it still doesn’t look good for being finished in time…

The Pac Man Peysa is getting close to done...

What a Week

Wow this week.

This week has been an emotional roller coaster. I got to go to Sundance Film Festival, and I saw so many amazing films and went skiing. But there was also so much horrifying news of all the executive orders being signed, and that was incredibly depressing.

I did get to see a moose this morning, though.

And here’s us on the ski lift for our 5th anniversary: