Lemon is the sneakiest of flavours

This is a true story; this is my story

This is an ancient tradition amongst bakers: if your pastry contains lemon, you should name it something like “Walnut Awesomeness,” “Pistachio Bliss,” or “Contains Absolutely No Citrus,” and find it unimportant to indicate the citrusey contamination anywhere in the name or description.  In fact, do everything you can to avoid indicating lemon as an ingredient anywhere on the label or in the name.

And lemon isn’t something like chocolate or nuts or most other fruits, where you can visually identify its addition to pastries.  Oh no, lemon is the same colour as neutral baked goods, and relatively texture-free.  Thus it lies in the pastry dormant, hiding, dead-but-dreaming; waiting for some innocent victim to take a bite unawares, and be forced into tasting its vile tartness.

A common encounter between myself and somebody sharing baked goods:

“Hi Christine, want one of these blueberry cupcakes I made?”

“Oh wow awesome I love bluberrMMMMMMPHHHHHH!!! SONOFA-“


This is why lemon is the sneakiest of flavours.