Made it to Croatia!

Well, we made it to Croatia! It is also really interesting here, and it is really fun to learn about the history of why it has those weird borders, and getting another aspect of the Balkans and how they relate to each other (today and throughout history).

It is similar in ways I didn’t expect, but also different in ways I didn’t expect. I’m glad we made it out here! I’m not glad we took a bus, though. I actually bought a plane ticket to replace our next bus ticket because, we’re all full up on type B adventure for now.

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Serbia Trip

Well we’re here in Serbia for our Balkans trip, and it’s been really nice lately. Belgrade is an amazing town, and there’s a lot of history here.

So far we’ve done a lot of eating, drinking, and walking. I’ve walked all around everywhere. We’ve explored Belgrade Fortress, Golubac Fortress, and Viminacium. We’re hoping to get some good hikes in, but honestly I haven’t been able to find any hiking maps! I’m considering just driving to the trailhead tomorrow and hoping there’s a ranger station there with maps :-/

We’ll see how that goes!

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Steam Controller

I know I’ve posted about the Steam Controller in the past, but still, it never ceases to amaze me that I can play games like Morrowind, Oblivion, Undertale, etc, seamlessly from my couch on my PC on my TV with my controller, and seriously the experience is as good as (or, in the case of Morrowind, better than) playing it on a console.

Initially, I was incredibly skeptical about the track pad on the controller, I thought there was no way that would work. I had used similar things in the past with only frustrating results. But somehow, the track pad on the Steam Controller *just works*. I was terrified of traversing my inventory in Morrowind (I infamously carry just about every single thing with me throughout the whole game), and yet… it feels natural.

This is important for me now, at this current stage of my life, because we currently have a tiny apartment and there’s no place to set up a “normal” PC gaming area. So I had pretty much stopped PC gaming for a few years (that’s why I only recently got around to playing Undertale). But we have a TV, so finally I just connected a PC to the TV and set it up almost like console gaming – and never looked back.

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