Moar Hellboy

Hellboy figures

We played some more Hellboy. I don’t know if we have the hang of it, because it seems to me there’s no moderate-difficulty. The game always seems to go from way too easy and then way too hard when the boss appears.

Hellboy figures
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Roguelike Celebration and 24 Hour Comic Book Day

This weekend, yet again, was both Roguelike Celebration and 24 Hour Comic Book Day. I decided to try and do both-ish? I did not complete a 24 page comic for the first time in 6 years, but I still had a lot of fun and have no regrets.

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Violet is my Favorite Flavor

You guys we went to Gus’ the other day, and I found this vermouth flavored with violet and cherry blossom:

Mancino Vermouth

It is absolutely delicious on its own, and it makes an incredible martini (violet is my favorite flavor of all time).

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