Been biking around Copenhagen for a couple of days now, the food and weather have been great.

The "Texas Smørrebrød"
Biking in Refshaleøen
Biking to the wind turbines in Refshaleøen

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Heat Wave

Due to the heat wave, today we biked over to Ocean Beach where it was cooler (and where they were having Sunday Streets). It worked pretty well! Although it is too bad that the heat waves and wildfires are already getting started for the season :-/

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A Misunderstanding

The long-awaited sequel to “Back Taxes” (

Anyhow, there is much speculation as to how exactly Aryon procured his imprisoned Imperial soldier / museum display. I thought it would be funny if the Telvanni just kept tricking Imperial bureaucrats in the exact same way, and they just kept falling for it.

Since Aryon was himself a rogue Telvanni operating without charter, this scenario is not entirely far-fetched.

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