Sly Rom Strut

Sly Rom Strut

I don’t bother chasing Feds around
I slink down the Neutral Zone looking for a fight
Cloaked in the moonlight and I’m stayin outta sight
Singin’ the blues while the lady-Roms cry
“Cunning Rom, you’re a real gone guy”
I wish I could be as carefree and sly
But I got Rom class and I got Rom style

Sly Rom Strut
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Bouldering at Ring Mountain

With no end in sight to this whole pandemic, I’ve realized that I have to try to return to my life instead of just “waiting for it to be over.” Part of that means figuring out how to return to my common hobbies and activities, such as climbing (I’ve been doing hiking already). Obviously I cannot hone my skills in a gym anymore, but I am fortunate to life in the SF Bay Area, with many opportunities for outdoor climbing. Indeed, I actually got my start climbing outdoors before I ever climbed in a gym (though in recent years I’d begun going to a gym more often due to convenience).

I’d been doing simple body weight exercises to try and maintain, but there are several spots very close to me where I can actually climb too. I love those big exotic camping trip expeditions as much as the next climber, but focusing on smaller local trips that I can do more casually (akin to visiting the gym) will be crucial to maintaining a regular schedule in the months to come. Places like Indian Rock, Glen Canyon, Ring Mountain, Castle Rock, etc.

Climbing at Ring Mountain

So I’ve finally pulled myself together enough to start making a habit of climbing again. Shout out to the climbing community: everybody at the crag was wearing a mask and maintained social distance the whole time I was there (it was great). And I saw a praying mantis climbing next to me. My little buggy buddy.

Climbing at Ring Mountain

Bit by bit I’m trying to get through this, and also still live my life.

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Colonel Hakeev Study

Right, so I’ve already mentioned that I’m obsessed with Hakeev.

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