Morrowind with Steam Controller

This weekend I tried out playing Morrowind with the Steam Controller for the first time, and it surprisingly worked really really well. I’d say *almost* as good as using a mouse and keyboard. So now, if I feel like playing a game on the TV whilst sitting on the couch, I can choose Morrowind!

As though I needed more reasons to play it 😉

But seriously, it is really good, I just used the default “most popular” controller mapping for Morrowind out there and just adjusted the sensitivity of the “mouse scroll” down. Other than that, I didn’t have to change a thing.

This, after several involved attempts to patch together some sort of homebrewed solution with third party software and only getting it working OK.

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Dunmer Farmer

Today we went to this really cool noise/drone-and-productivity performance at Little Spot Cafe at 23rd and South Van Ness, where a guy had a whole bunch of modular synths and played while we were able to work on things and carry on conversations.

I sketched a picture of a Dunmer Farmer, as a study for a future comic I have in mind.

I brought my drawing board and paper in case I wanted to sketch people from life – to keep up the momentum from my drawing class – but instead I decided to sketch a character from imagination (as I usually end up doing). However, next weekend I will be able to attend the figure drawing session at Mission and Cesar Chavez next weekend, so I will still be able to keep the momentum going.

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Last Day of Drawing Class

Today was the last day of my drawing class 🙁

Last day of my drawing class

I’ll miss looking forward to the bike ride and drawing every Saturday morning… and I’m already looking through their course catalog for another drawing class to take, because I do feel like I got a lot out of it.

I see that they’ve announced a digital drawing class that starts in September… I feel like I really need to take that one! Digital drawing software is so powerful and amazing and yet so inscrutable… and I really want to get the hang of it.

In the meantime I feel like I should also take a summer course to keep the momentum going, though.

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