Honor Mode Continues

Somehow, miraculously, my Honor Mode Durge run has not ended yet and I have finally made it to Act II. I find that I have been doing everything very cautiously and overpreparing for fights, which is fine given the stakes. Kill Die the Violence Guy lives to kill another day!

I *have* been having trouble making pragmatically evil choices to become more powerful, though. Thus far it is been… very similar to my first couple nice playthroughs. So I gotta work on that.

Kill Die did get free eye surgery though, something I didn’t do on my last playthrough because I didn’t like the aesthetic with Drow eyes. But this is the one where I wasn’t supposed to get attached, dang it!

Eye surgery-ed eyes and newly braided hair for a new look
Finally used Lump’s war horn in almost the last possible place I could use it, RIP Lump and co
Playing a more traditionally-sized Drow really emphasizes how large Karlach is

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