Sundance 2019

Welp, we went to Sundance again for 2019! Last time was 2017. It was a lot of fun! So many great films, and lots of skiing.

Sundance 2019: Q&A for Indie Episodic 1
Here is the Q&A for the Indie Episodic 1

For me, the highlights of Sundance were:

Indie Episodic 1 We attended specifically for the Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared, but every single short film in this was absolutely fantastic

The Witch Hunters A Serbian children’s film that was really good, and honestly had some of the most realistic depictions of children’s dialogue and relationships I’ve seen

Hail Satan? A documentary about the Satanic Temple and its political activism

And then highlights for the rest of the trip included…

Meeting a crow and an owl:

Sundance 2019
A cute little crow
Sundance 2019
It has been noted that the owl and I strongly resemble each other


Sundance 2019
Snow Selfie

And a fancy dinner in the Viking Yurt, up on the mountain, accessible by sleigh (the ski lifts weren’t running anymore after 5PM):

Sundance 2019
About to go to the Viking Yurt for dinner
Sundance 2019
I believe the dress code was “Viking Casual”
Sundance 2019
Doc being silly on the mountain
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The Lady of Uvirith (Better Together)

This is an admittedly bizarre idea that was cracking me up for a while. So even though it is incredibly surreal and meta, I drew it anyway.
Basically, I was wondering who was the Lord/Lady of Uvirith when you don’t join House Telvanni. Turns out Reynel Uvirith is the Lady of Uvirith. But I died laughing when I saw the picture because Reynel Uvirith has the exact same face and robes and hair color/texture etc as my Steen did. So as a joke I decided that Reynel Uvirith was Steen and that Steen was Reynel Uvirith. Reynel “Steen” Uvirith, I guess.
So this hypothetical bizarro-Steen, let’s call her Neets, never joined House Telvanni and wishes to go see who ended up becoming Aryon’s protege and building Tel Uvirith anyway.

Congratulations Aryon, now you have two of them! (Steen is known to be a challenging protege)

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Across the Aisle

Steen is possibly not the most welcome guest in Llethri Manor, though I cannot imagine why

The last time Steen was in Llethri Manor, the Darts of Judgement mysteriously went missing. But I’m sure that’s all just a big coincidence. Obviously, Steen is a big-time important politician now – look at her! Reaching across the aisle, trying to form a Redoran/Telvanni coalition to fight together against Imperialist injustices and bust the Mages Guild Monopoly! So suave! So mature! Clearly Steen wouldn’t know anything about the darts, what are you implying?

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