Romulan Steen

I’ve been working on this Romulan uniform for a while now. Of course the biggest time investment has been all the quilting! But at last it is nearing completion. I’ll do a proper write-up on all the materials / drafting process / quilting / etc at a later date.

Romulan Steen - Casual

Hella casual, practicing The Smirk (just like with Vulcans, Romulans’ favorite emotion is “Snide Condescension”)

Romulan Steen - Profile

At this point I have tried many, many different methods of (reversibly) covering your eyebrows. By far the easiest, fastest, and best-looking is to just use the humble Washable Elmer’s Glue Stick to glue them down and paint over them with greasepaint after you have a few dried layers. In my opinion, this method is MUCH better than wax and liquid latex, and also even better than using Pros-Aide Cream!

Romulan Steen Stand

This one is just to show how the fabric drapes when the arm is straight.