Romulan Rank Insignia

Back when I first made the TNG uniform I started trying to make the red… lily? Lotus? Well, Red flower pin that Romulan commanders wear in TNG. I gave up because it became a Whole Thing. I decided just to wear the two crescent moon pins of a Sub-Lieutenant. Good enough!

The little baby fledgling sub-lieutenant

But I recently started thinking about that flower pin again, and how to make it. And how nice it would be to be a Commander with two moon pins and one flower…

We’ll see how it goes

my impression of the stylized flower pin

The Subcommander Scientist at Work and at Play

My uniform is, at long last, complete

It has been months in the making (most of that time spent quilting) but I thiiiiiink this is just about finished! The Tal Shiar’s Subcommander Scientist from Star Trek Online!

I’m slowly making my way through the ages of Romulan uniforms…