Constructing the Hakeev Doll

The finished Hakeev doll! So handsome!

I finally finished modifying the Kane doll into a Hakeev doll, and I think it turned out great! Here are the steps I used

How the doll started out

I started with a Kane doll, because it most resembled Hakeev to start with. The more the doll resembles how I ultimately want it to look, the less work I will have to do to modify it!

I can see the resemblance

The first step was to sand the doll’s head and features so the epoxy clay would stick properly (and also the back of his head was painted brown, I guess like shaved hair, so I sanded that off and repainted it too). Then I created the scarring around the eye, eyepiece, and Romulan ears with the Apoxie sculpt.

This guy is about to get his head sanded and lose an eye…
The new features added with Apoxie Sculpt
Sorry about the eye bro, there’s no hard feelings right

Then after that fully cured for 24 hours I painted all his features, as well as painted in his eyebrows and beauty mark. I also covered his knuckles and fingernail details with Apoxie Sculpt so it would look more like he was wearing gloves, and then painted on his gloves and paints (after sanding).

looking pretty Hakeev-ey now
Basically just painted over his old pants

I made the birds for his harnesses out of Apoxie Sculpt. I made his bracers, greaves, and mantle out of Worbla and made the edges/trim out of Apoxie Sculpt. I didn’t sand or cover the Worbla to make it smooth and I purposely put the rumply side facing outwards, because I felt like the texture looked a lot like the suede texture that Actual Hakeev’s bracers, greaves, and mantle had. Especially after painting!

I also had to sew him a tiny little tunic with tiny little piping. Sewing such a small garment was kind of a pain, but ultimately worth it because now I can make a bunch of little outfits and play dress up with him and it is adorable. I initially tried sewing his garment from satin, like my human-sized version of the garment, but that was a nightmare taking it on and off the doll. I could make it work if I sewed the doll into the tunic, but the whole point was to play dress up. So I used sport lycra instead, and that worked great. I could make it super tight and just squeeze the doll into it, and it would stretch.