A Mirror Universe Pietà

In anticipation of the upcoming Mirror Universe event, there’s been some more buzz about Mirror Hakeev and what we think our mirror counterparts are like. Here’s what I think:
Mirror Hakeev and the Mirror Player Character (PC) still have their fates intertwined, just like in the Prime UniverseMirror Hakeev and Mirror PC are on the same side, which is why Mirror Hakeev wants to serve on the PC’s crewMirror Hakeev wears the Tal Shiar uniform, so that puts the Mirror PC in the Tal Shiar tooThe Mirror PC still “caused” Mirror Hakeev to lose his (right) eye, but only because Hakeev lost it trying to save the Mirror PC
I decided MY Mirror PC was Chairman of the Tal Shiar, because I’m extra
I based this on The Pietà because I’m extra