More Homemade Sriracha

Recently when I went to the store to get stuff for pumpkin pie (etc), I hit the jackpot – the red jalapenos that we had been so elusive for so long were in stock! So we bought 3 lbs of them and we are going to do another batch using 100% red jalapenos only. We’ll see how it turns out!

chilies waiting to be srirachaed
In the jar fermenting

Thus far it seems much spicier than our previous batches, but only time will tell! First it will have to ferment for about a week!

I finally finished my first playthrough of BG3 and immediately started a new one. Doc complains that my new character is identical to my old one, but I contend that they are completely different.

Tav 1
Tav 2

It is somewhat difficult because I did get overly-attached to my first Tav, but the new one is growing on me.

I am already astounded at how much stuff I am seeing in this playthrough that I never saw in my first one, especially given how I already was impressed by how much there was to see