Honor Mode

I decided to start a Dark Urge, Honor Mode run for BG3. This is my first time attempting Dark Urge, and my first time attempting Honor Mode. I thought that I should prepare for the eventuality that I might TPK and have to start over, so I gave my Durge a joke name and I gave him The Chad face so I wouldn’t get too attached to him.

But then I got too attached to him. Alas!

Kill Die the Violence Guy in his element
This was the literal day after a grisly ritualistic murder that everybody knows he did. You’re in danger girl, do NOT go into the woods alone with this man. I fear for the companions’ sense of self preservation, honestly.
The bulette attacked us the literal second we went down into the Underdark, and we lived to tell the tale!

I hope that Kill Die the Violence Guy doesn’t end up dying.

Night Parade!

Another year has come and gone, and so has another Night Parade!

I may or may not have been thinking about putting together a Jarlaxle outfit, so I may have put on some of the pieces for that to go to the parade (not full Jarlaxle though, no makeup no eyepatch etc)

Tragically the hat lost the ostrich feather, erum I mean gaudy feather of an Underdark bird, somewhere in the parade

All in all it was a great time! Generic pseudo-Renaissance-era outfit was fun.

Owl puppet
Owl and… a Gonzo thing
clouds and a bird