Can You Kiss the Elf?

I got distracted from my BG3 Honor Mode run somewhere in Act II with Rogue Trader. I guess because it is an all new story so it feels fresh after a few play-throughs of BG3. I tried it a bit a while ago, but I have returned with renewed vigor after realizing that you can ALSO kiss elves in Rogue Tader.

my character the uwu smol bean babygirl Crime Lord

In the beginning I accidentally romanced Cassia because it seems completely impossible not to. You just be kind to her and now suddenly you’re in a relationship. Like I get how she would easily fall for the character in her circumstances,,, but literally I just told her she was beautiful when she was feeling insecure about her looks and then suddenly we were in a relationship. I guess that’s how Courtly Love works or something. The only way to avoid it was to be unnecessarily harsh with her. I had to break that off. I’m playing an old scoundrel ex-mafioso, I don’t thinks Cassia REALLY wants him.

I even tried reloading and playing it where I did NOT tell her she was beautiful (which I still think I should be allowed to do without wanting a relationship with somebody), and STILL it was a almost impossible to avoid a relationship! I get it, she was sheltered and just read a bunch of books about knights and princesses and you just rescued her life from a harrowing ordeal so she imagines you’re all gallant and stuff. It makes sense she would have a crush. But why does the game flag me as being in a relationship just because she wants to be?

It was like BG3’s Gale in the earlier days where the dialogue options were all either “we bang now ” or “kick him in the balls.” There’s no “I’m flattered but no thank you.”

Anyhow, sorry Cassia, you’re better off without me. I brand bratty elf boy-toys now, you wouldn’t be into it anyway.

Honor Mode Continues

Somehow, miraculously, my Honor Mode Durge run has not ended yet and I have finally made it to Act II. I find that I have been doing everything very cautiously and overpreparing for fights, which is fine given the stakes. Kill Die the Violence Guy lives to kill another day!

I *have* been having trouble making pragmatically evil choices to become more powerful, though. Thus far it is been… very similar to my first couple nice playthroughs. So I gotta work on that.

Kill Die did get free eye surgery though, something I didn’t do on my last playthrough because I didn’t like the aesthetic with Drow eyes. But this is the one where I wasn’t supposed to get attached, dang it!

Eye surgery-ed eyes and newly braided hair for a new look
Finally used Lump’s war horn in almost the last possible place I could use it, RIP Lump and co
Playing a more traditionally-sized Drow really emphasizes how large Karlach is