Sundance 2019

Welp, we went to Sundance again for 2019! Last time was 2017. It was a lot of fun! So many great films, and lots of skiing.

Sundance 2019: Q&A for Indie Episodic 1
Here is the Q&A for the Indie Episodic 1

For me, the highlights of Sundance were:

Indie Episodic 1 We attended specifically for the Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared, but every single short film in this was absolutely fantastic

The Witch Hunters A Serbian children’s film that was really good, and honestly had some of the most realistic depictions of children’s dialogue and relationships I’ve seen

Hail Satan? A documentary about the Satanic Temple and its political activism

And then highlights for the rest of the trip included…

Meeting a crow and an owl:

Sundance 2019
A cute little crow
Sundance 2019
It has been noted that the owl and I strongly resemble each other


Sundance 2019
Snow Selfie

And a fancy dinner in the Viking Yurt, up on the mountain, accessible by sleigh (the ski lifts weren’t running anymore after 5PM):

Sundance 2019
About to go to the Viking Yurt for dinner
Sundance 2019
I believe the dress code was “Viking Casual”
Sundance 2019
Doc being silly on the mountain

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