TOS Romulan Uniform

A little something for the Romulan ladies

I finally finished the lorica squamata, the helmet, and drafted the patterns for the sash and trousers (capris? cargo pants? kilt?). I still need to make the braided cord trim for the front and back of the sash, though. And of course, upon scrutiny, it seems that the braid is DIFFERENT on the front and back. Oh well. We’ll get there.

Sash and trousers

I also just got a 3D print for the disruptor, because (between the helmet and lorica squamata) I honestly don’t want to build any more intricate things for this.

A Klingon disruptor is also a Romulan disruptor

(Tucking your lorica squamata into your trousers is…. well I admit it is interesting)

For the TNG uniform (also here), I was obsessed with everything looking exactly like on the show. But for the TOS one, they looked pretty cheap and costume-ey on the show. Like everything on that show, honestly. So I gave myself a bit more liberties for this one.

I really liked the *idea* of the helmets, but never quite liked the cast latex rubber shrink-wrapped look of them. I wanted to build a helmet that still was obviously the Romulan helmet but more robust and helmet-ier, and I guess… more elvish? I suppose more like how I imagine the “real” Romulan uniforms were supposed to look, and not just costumes.

So after I constructed the helmet it made me think that, if I just made some weird fake costume lorica squamata like they wore on the show, it could look out of place. I tried a BUNCH of different fabrics and things to try and fake it, but I wasn’t happy with any of them. So ultimately I thought… why not just buy metal scales and make an ACTUAL lorica squamata?

Maybe not the brightest idea I’ve ever had, but… I’m pretty pleased with the result. And it goes well with the helmet!

Also I love that I just wear the exact same Michael Kors knee-high boots with ALL my Romulan outfits. No Romulan would be caught dead without his blue eye shadow and knee-highs, please. What are we, BARBARIANS??

Author: Steen

Steen is a nerdy biologist who spends a lot of time trying to cultivate Chloroflexi, who also likes to draw comics, play video games, and climb.

5 thoughts on “TOS Romulan Uniform”

  1. I made the Disruptor too with my 3d printer. I gave it to my brother, he wants to have the whole uniform. I’d love to have an stl file for the helmet.

    1. Yeah seriously that would be awesome, though the jaw strap would maybe still need to be made out of leather or something similarly flexible because of how snug it is on the face. As it is this EVA foam, leather, rubber cement, and paper clay helmet took months of work. I kind of want to try making another because there are some things with this helmet I’m not quite happy with, but I don’t want to go through all that again. Gosh if I could just print one up that would be amazing.

      1. Any chance of getting a pattern for the eva foam helmet? Or anyone make one in a Cad/cam program? I can 3d print helmets…I have an Anycubic Chiron and a Sidewinder x1… I really would like to make one for my brother for xmas..

        1. I do have a friend who can make cad files, and I could probably bug him into helping me make something. I will add it to my pile of ongoing projects! (currently working on making the new Romulan uniform from SNW)

          I will try to let you know once I come up with something

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