Cochleanthes amazonica

My Cochleanthes amazonica has bloomed!

Cochleanthes amazonica in bloom, and producing a second visible inflorescence.

I’ve also seen that it is now making a second inflorescence! So I will probably get to enjoy these Cochleanthes blooms for some time. You may recall that I said I first saw my plant producing an inflorescence back on November 24th, so it has taken about a month for it to fully develop and bloom.

In fact, three of my orchid plants have all bloomed at the same time

Three of my orchid plants are blooming; from left to right: Phalaenopsis, Psychopsis, and Cochleanthes.

Looks like 2014 is off to a good start!

I’m mostly excited about the Cochleanthes, however, since the Psychopsis is constantly in bloom (and has been for over 6 years), and I have so many Phalaenopsis plants that one or another is usually in bloom.

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Steen is a nerdy biologist who spends a lot of time trying to cultivate Chloroflexi, who also likes to draw comics, play video games, and climb.

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