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I’ve gotten sucked into Morrowind lately, and I’ve had a lot of fun with that. I will say, though, that I had heard all the talk about how rude the native-Morrowind Dunmer are to outlanders, so I steeled myself for a poor reception. However, it seemed like everybody in Morrowind loved me instantly, and they were quite welcoming and kind. It even seemed like they were all bending over backwards to get me to like them. This surprised me. But I guess it must have had something to do with being a Dunmer bard born under the sign of The Lady. So not only was I the most charming charmer that ever lived, but I was also Dunmer and apparently you get disposition bonuses with characters that are the same race as you. I guess that would explain it.

I also discovered pretty early on that I could get everybody’s disposition towards me up to 100/100 pretty quickly by flirting mercilessly with every single resident of Morrowind. I thought that was pretty hilarious.

In other news, I also finally got Hearthfire for Skyrim. It is also quite addicting. However, a few things about it bummed me out:

1 – I married Revyn Sadri, and Hearthfire appears to have glitched out some of his dialog. Now, whenever I even bring up the topic of moving somewhere, he starts shouting “THE SKY IS SO DARK! THE SKY IS SO DARK! WHY DOES THE SKY LOOK LIKE THAT? WHY DOES THE SKY LOOK LIKE THAT?” And on and on. It’s like, OK, I get it: you don’t want to move. You could have maybe told me in a more constructive way.

2 – Revyn Sadri hates moving. I’m not just talking about the glitch in #1. He literally hates everywhere that isn’t Windhelm. He gets severely depressed and refuses to leave the house, and just sits there not doing anything. Plus he complains and complains forever about wherever he is that isn’t Windhelm. I mean, I kind of get this. I’d much prefer living in my tiny closet-sized apartment in San Francisco over living in a mansion anywhere else (for the same price), and Windhelm is pretty happening and walkable, soooo I can’t blame him for his. Plus, I can’t bear to see Sadri’s Used Wares shuttered πŸ™ I’ve learned this lesson for my alt character, so he at least won’t be marrying anybody who can’t be a follower for this reason.

3 – I can’t adopt a child. I figured, heck, I had a billion adults living in my homestead (I actually kind of like the idea that I have a bustling homestead full of people living there, like I’m some local lord. Which… I kind of am). So I decided to adopt a kid, and let my Steward and Housecarl take care of them. I didn’t even tell Revyn about it, because I assumed he’d just complain. But then, when I went to the house where I sent the kid, there was Revyn Sadri, sulking. Apparently, he somehow found out that I had adopted a child, and decided that it was unacceptable to leave a child to be raised by my steward and housecarl, so he moved into the house with her. Ostensibly to raise her and be a father? That was SORT OF sweet. Except, he didn’t seem to acknowledge or accept the child in any way. He just sulked around all day complaining about how much he hated living in the countryside, and that I was out of my mind for moving us there. So apparently, I can’t even adopt a child in Hearthfire, because the game won’t let me put a child in Revyn’s house, so the instant I adopt a child Revyn will shutter Sadri’s Used Wares and pack up for wherever I put the kid. And then become severely depressed.

4 – Faendal, my steward, claimed the master bed in my Falkreath house. I don’t know why or how. In all my other houses, the steward and housecarl claimed the other beds down the hall from the master bed, which is appropriate. But not Faendal. He was too good for those beds I guess. The first time I went to bed in the Falkreath house, I woke up to Faendal standing there staring at me. I yelped and was freaked out, and I told him that was not an appropriate thing to do. Soon I discovered that he always did that, so I followed him for a while. It turns out he claimed the master bed, so if I’m sleeping in it, he gets confused and just stands there watching me sleep all night. I wish… I wish he didn’t do that. Hmm, maybe that’s another big reason why Revyn gets so depressed in that house. I tried fixing it by commanding him to sleep in his actual bed, but he only did that for as long as I was in command mode. As soon as I exited, he went back to the master bed. Oh, well.

But, yep. I’m obsessed.

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  1. “Hey Christine, we’ve been together for a while, and I really like you… so I thought it was time we maybe… move in together.”


    “Ok, ok, I get it. Too soon.”


    “I get it, sheesh.”

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