I just flew in from Marin, and boy are my arms tired

The view of SF from Tiburon

While boarding the Tiburon-San Francisco ferry to begin my commute home last night, a pigeon also hopped on board. As we ferried across the bay, the bird walked around the cabin investigating everything. It even hopped up onto an empty chair, and investigated the table in front of it.

Near the end of the ride, it had resigned itself to strutting back and fourth near the entrance of the cabin, and then stopped to take a poop. When it turned around after pooping (to continue with its pacing), it spotted the poop out of the corner of its eye, and plunged its head down to peck at it. Only when the bird’s face was half a centimeter away did it realize that the stuff was its own poop and not a piece of food that magically appeared during the poop break, and it recoiled. Continue reading “I just flew in from Marin, and boy are my arms tired”

Eldritch Horror

Every aberration has an origin story.

I’ve often been asked, “Steen, how did you get to be the gibbering Eldritch horror you are today?”

At last, in this totally factual tell-all autobiography, you can learn the exciting details of my origin.

Did this creature parasitize me? Did I transform into it? My dear reader, this is for you to decide.