More Pac Man Peysa Progress

Apparently I have a zillion different things I’m working on simultaneously, and I’m like not even close to finished with any of them, so allow me to provide yet another update on the Pac Man Peysa! I mean, I am pretty excited about this. And it is looking more and more recognizable as it progresses…

More Pacman peysa progress

The progress on this sweater has been going so slow mainly due to my rediscovering Morrowind. As if you couldn’t tell that I’d started playing again…

Pac Man Peysa Progress

I’ve finally finished the lower torso on my husband’s Pac Man Peysa, so at last I’ve been able to start the sleeves!

Finally making progress on the Pacman peysa

So far, so good. I like the strawberry 🙂

The lower torso is always the longest, most boringest part for me with lopapeysas because it is just the same stitch in the same color foreeeeever. And I guess it didn’t help that I spent all my time playing Morrowind rather than knitting. Oh, well.

Doc’s designs have gone through several iterations, and I believe it is still changing. But by the time I get to the yoke, I’m sure he’ll have it finalized.

Here are some of the versions…

Matt Davis Trail to Break in My New Sweater

I finished my new lopapeysa that I designed and I decided to celebrate by taking it on a hike. I have been really curious about the 7.5 mile Stinson Beach loop from the Matt Davis Trail to the Steep Ravine Trail to the Dipsea Trail, so we went there. Also, I hadn’t been to Stinson Beach in a long time and I missed it.

To celebrate the completion of my sweater, I took it on a hike today

It was great going to Stinson Beach again, and the trail was a lot of fun. Very pretty with views of the sea and redwood forests and extremely easy. The sweater was perfect activewear for a winter hike like this – lightweight and very warming (due to the Icelandic wool).

And, with all the rains we’ve been getting in Northern California, there were many waterfalls to admire!

Waterfall on the Steep Ravine Trail

Steep Ravine Trail

Dipsea Trail

All in all, I would recommend it if you are interested in a nice, easy 4-hour hike with some pretty scenery through many different biomes. I was also interested in doing the 15-mile variation that also includes the Muir Woods Trail and the Coast View Trail, but alas I slept in this morning and we didn’t get to the trailhead until 1PM. But everything still worked out!

It was also nice to see how the Leaf handled those mountain roads, and I felt free to experiment because Stinson Beach has chargers. On the way up the mountain, it used a lot of charge and I was surprised – but then going down the mountain on the other side it recaptured at least 2 bars due to regenerative breaking. That was super cool, I had never braved a mountain like that before so I had never seen that.

The Stinson Beach chargers were great – I just arrived, parked, plugged in, went for a hike and came back to a fully charged car. It is always so smooth when that happens – which is why more trailheads need chargers. Honestly, those are the perfect places for them! Especially level 1 and level 2 chargers, because you’re going to be on the trail for 8 hours anyway, so it doesn’t need to be quick. It turned out I didn’t need to charge in Stinson Beach to make it back home, but hey, they were free chargers so why not? Also, when mountains are involved, sometimes it takes more charge to go one way than the other, so I didn’t want to take any chances.