Knitting The Rihanpeysa

I knitted the Festive Romulan Winter Sweater from Star Trek Online, or as I have termed it, the Rihanpeysa. My favorite part of the design is the quilted shoulder pad accents. And the D’deridex cruisers too, I guess.

Wearing the Rihanpeysa
Sitting on a bench
The Stranded Knitting portion of the design
The Festive Romulan Winter Sweater as appears in-game

The Newest Lopapeysa!

Welllp, I’ve finished another lopapeysa… just in time for summer, alas.  I’ve still been wearing it out of obstinance because I don’t want to wait until next winter to wear it.

I've finished yet another sweater :)

I've finished yet another sweater :)

I followed Jenn Steingass’ “Dreyma” pattern and it is different from traditional Icelandic sweater patterns in a few ways: it is knitted from the top-to-bottom (instead of bottom-to-top like most Nordic sweaters) and it has short-row shaping for making the back longer, and decreases for the waist and increases for the hip – so it is more fitted than most traditional peysas, which are somewhat unisex. Also also it has an option for the rolled collar instead of the traditional ribbed collar.

I like the unisex sweater look with the ribbed collar, and of course I could have gone for that again, but I figured I have so many peysas with such a similar layout that I should make at least one different – just to mix it up.

More Pac Man Peysa Progress

Apparently I have a zillion different things I’m working on simultaneously, and I’m like not even close to finished with any of them, so allow me to provide yet another update on the Pac Man Peysa! I mean, I am pretty excited about this. And it is looking more and more recognizable as it progresses…

More Pacman peysa progress

The progress on this sweater has been going so slow mainly due to my rediscovering Morrowind. As if you couldn’t tell that I’d started playing again…