Sutro Baths Bike Trip

This weekend, I wanted to go check out the Richmond branch of the Community Music Center, so Doc and I biked on over. Since we were so close to the Cliff House, Sutro Baths, and Land’s End, and the Legion of Honor we decided to go check all that out as well (especially since Doc had never been to the Cliff House or the Sutro Baths).

Swallows Swooping over Sutro Baths
The swallows were swooping over the water, presumably eating the insects there.

Birds Flying over Sutro Baths
Doc Peeking over Sutro Baths

Doc's Head
We found a hole that we could fit our heads through.

Doc and Sutro Baths
Sutro Baths
Doc at the Sutro Baths
Rocks near Sutro Baths