Wraithguard is Ugly

Wraithguard is ugly and it clashes with the Nerevarine’s outfit and I will never stop posting about a 15 year old game so you better get used to it

Wraithguard is cool and all, and yea I guess it helps me not succumb to madness so that’s cool. But I don’t have to like how it looks.

I still wear it, though.

Being an Altmer Dragonborn can be Confusing

Click for full size (so you can actually read it)

I rolled an Altmer Dragonborn recently because… because.

When he went to Markarth, he was almost immediately handed a note asking him to meet Eltrys at the secret shrine of Talos. And I just cracked up.

I know that not all Altmer are Thalmor, but still. Maybe pause for a minute and think about what you’re doing, if some strange Altmer you’ve never seen before rolls up into town under mysterious pretenses, and your first impulse is to invite him to meet you at the local Talos shrine.

Or, maybe, don’t invite ANY random strangers to meet you at the secret Talos shrine. Because you never know who’s been paid off by the Thalmor.

So I’d like to think that my Dragonborn can’t help but wonder if he was being made fun of. So I drew this comic about it.