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The Lilting Romulan Accent

I’ve just been getting a whole bunch of Romulan headcanons lately, I don’t know why. Here’s another one: Vulcans probably have hundreds of languages and dialects spoken, since they’re inhabiting the planet where they evolved for bajillions of years. However, … Continue reading

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Just a Tiny Romulan Headcanon

I was thinking about how, according to the canon, Vulcans and Romulans feel much more deeply and passionately than humans do. This is why the Vulcans believe it is imperative to prescribe emotional repression – they believe their turbulent and … Continue reading

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Three Questions for Baladas

I’ve recently had a realization that I wanted to share, about the chore that Gothren’s Mouth (Mallon Ryon) gives you – to ask Baladas Demnevanni three questions. It always stood out to me as a strange and deceptively simple quest, … Continue reading

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