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Medieval FEAST!

Doc knows how obsessed I am with all things medieval, and he was so kind as to buy some tickets to a Medieval Feast event! I got so excited, I made a double hennin and everything. This got me super … Continue reading

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Our Homemade Brie’s Final Form

GUISE. Our homemade brie turned out absolutely, deliciously amazing. I was so concerned after the earlier mishap and also because I had heard that you can get “totally adequate brie” by aging it in your fridge. But this tasted like … Continue reading

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Enjoying the Tangy Fruits of our Pickling Labors

We’ve already started enjoying the pickles that we started back in January. Thus far our favorite pickles came from the “spicy pickle grab bag” that had all the leftover vegetables that didn’t fit into the other jars, plus some habanero … Continue reading

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