Sourdough and Romulans

I saw a post from exactly a year ago where I was working on my Romulan uniform and baking sourdough to keep it all together in the pandemic isolation. And I realized that, here I am, still making sourdough and Romulan uniforms one year later.

Once I finish a uniform I am, of course, happy that I get to wear it around all the time. But at the same time I always get a bit sad because I don’t have something to consume my time and focus anymore. So I end up starting a new one. We’ll see, I might end up cranking out 4 or 5 different uniforms before this is all “over.”

Sourdough Breakfast Rolls

Sourdough breakfast rolls

When you have a sourdough starter that needs to be fed periodically, you begin to think of different things you can make with it (instead of just bread and pancakes all the time). Today I tried making some breakfast rolls, sourdough rolls with ham, egg, and cheese. The largest baking cups we could find were still too small to accommodate the roll + egg, so there was some spillage, but they still tasted good.