Native Bee Talk

Native bee talk in Marin today
Native bee talk!

Today, Doc and I went to the native bee talk at Heiðrún Meadery, up in West Marin today. It was great, we got to learn a lot about native bees, and then we got to walk around and look at native bees and catch them to look at them (and then release them, of course). Doc even caught a cuckoo bee!

Native bee talk in Marin today
The cuckoo bee that Doc caught

Everybody looked around a lot for bumblebees, because supposedly it is the season for there to be lots of them, but we did not see any bumblebees (surprising, too, because at my office in Marin I see bumblebees all the time). Oh, well. We saw at least 5 other species of native bees, though!

Native bee talk in Marin today
The meadery’s hives for European honeybees (not California native bees, but still fun)

The lecture also coincided with oyster Sunday at the meadery, so we got to have oysters and mead as well.

Native bee talk in Marin today
Doc drinking mead

Enjoying the Tangy Fruits of our Pickling Labors

We’ve already started enjoying the pickles that we started back in January. Thus far our favorite pickles came from the “spicy pickle grab bag” that had all the leftover vegetables that didn’t fit into the other jars, plus some habanero peppers that Doc bought for guacamole but I didn’t allow in the guacamole because I thought it’d be too spicy (and we put a jalapeño in the guac instead).

Enjoying the Tangy Fruits of our Pickle Labors
From left to right: sauerkraut, spicy pickled cucumbers, spicy pickled green beans

Thus far I have been too scared to eat the pickled habaneros. I’m sure they’ve mellowed, but heck even those green beans which were pickling next to the habaneros turned out pretty darn spicy!

Since it has only been about a month, I’m going to let these keep chugging along. I’m excited to see how they change as time goes on. As you might recall, my favorite sauerkraut was the “ancient sauerkraut” that we forgot about and ended up fermenting for over 6 months before consumption.