LEGO Portrait Series Part 1

I have decided to start a portrait series of watercolor paintings, based on the peripheral characters my siblings and I invented in our LEGO games. Since Doc has just given me a ton of art supplies for my birthday, I decided that it was high time I started painting this series.

My plan is to finish the whole series, then frame them and give them to my siblings as gifts.

I have finished the first portrait in the series, so here it is along with his bio:

“I’m sorry, I totally zoned out there for a minute, whadid ya order? The yakisoba?”

This guy is a permastoned surfer who works as a waiter at the local Japanese restaurant. Every day he has to wear an Aztec warrior costume which is his uniform, with a beaded necklace and a bare chest which shows his tattoos (we, as children, did not think that this was how Japanese people dressed; remember that these were LEGOs, and so the most attractive outfits went to the main characters first – peripheral characters had to make do with the weird left-overs).

He hates his job, and as you might imagine this has an effect on his performance and the level of attentiveness given to his guests. He takes every opportunity he can to hide outside the restaurant and take a smoking break. However, he is usually too close to the restaurant windows, and the manager can  usually smell the smoke.

Apart from employing our lazy red haired waiter, the restaurant is a front for an ancient ninja academy. I wanted to tell you, dear reader, that the lazy waiter was oblivious to the ninjas. But then I remembered several story arcs wherein the ninjas attacked our main LEGO characters while the redhead was waiting on them. So I think he must know about the ninjas, but doesn’t really care.

He isn’t a ninja himself, does not participate in the attacks, does not pose a threat to the main characters, and is never privy to the ninja’s attack plans. But neither is he ever surprised when the ninjas attack. He usually takes ninja attacks as an opportunity to smoke. The two opposing groups (the ninjas and the main characters) seem to merely tolerate the waiter. Nobody expects him to hurt or help anybody. And he never does.

I’m not sure why the main characters kept coming back to the Japanese restaurant to eat after being attacked by ninjas, and I’ll bet our waiter wonders the same thing. I suspect they didn’t know that was where the ninjas lived, and just thought that the ninjas liked the same food they did.

Constituent Minifigs:

His torso and legs were from the Aztec Warrior Minifig, his hair was from the Ron Weasley Minifig, and I don’t remember what his head was from but it was a fairly normal-looking head.  It might have even been the basic smiling Minifig head.  Or the Ron Weasley head, maybe.

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