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You know I can’t say no to the shoulder pads

I’m literally late to the game here but it turns out the story and writing for Star Trek Online’s Legacy of Romulus is really really good. They explore some of the passionate and capricious tendencies of the Romulans, but in a very interesting and nuanced way. Plus, the Romulan perspective of the Sundering is pretty much exactly how I’ve always thought it should be – that it was a traumatic event but necessary to preserve their freedom and their emotions from the extremely restrictive (and quite frankly absurd) new Vulcan theocracy formed in the “Time of Awakening.”

I still don’t like MMOs, but this one is worth it for the Romulan storyline alone. It is super Star Trek-ey, and it seems like they really gave a lot of thoughtful consideration to the canon that came before, and then extrapolated to what exactly that would mean if explored in more detail.

D’Tan speaking truth
Mah Ship
“You guys I think… I think this is way too many stars. Is it just me? Is anybody else weirded out by this?? It is just. Too much.”

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  1. This game looks so good. Has there been any part of the Romulan storyline that has benefited from being an MMO? It looks like it would’ve been just as cool without the MMO aspect.

    1. Honestly I play all MMOs as though they were single player games, and STO has been no exception. Even back when I used to play WoW. That being said, I do feel like I could have played this whole thing single-player and been just as satisfied. Nothing so far has really required multiplayer in any way.

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