Things I think Star Trek: Picard Got from Star Trek: Online

I’ve mentioned before that I think the writing for Star Trek: Online is absolutely spectacular – it is better than it has any right to be. I now prefer to think of it as a completely canon show, in my head 🙂

Anyhow, since STO ostensibly takes place at essentially the same time as Picard (2403 vs 2399), I thought that it would be fun to reflect on the ideas originating from STO’s Legacy of Romulus that they decided to use in the show. Obviously, I would prefer it if they used the entire plot of Legacy of Romulus, but then I guess a lot of people would know all the spoilers.

The first and most obvious idea I think Picard got from STO is the Tal Shiar’s ongoing classified program scavenging derelict Borg Cubes for their own mysterious purposes

D’deridex Class Cruiser approaching a derelict Borg Cube to scavenge it
The Tal Shiar is scavenging this cube which appears to have gone into a state of stasis, along with all its drones
The Tal Shiar seem to know way too much about Borg vessels for this to be a single opportunistic occurance

The second point which is maybe a bit less clear, is the involvement of Ancient Iconian technology, and even the references and hints that the Borg somehow got their hands on Iconian technology at some point (the gate in the Borg Queen’s chambers in Picard, vs the Iconian everything in STO).

The third is still only a maybe, but I think they might be building up Picard to also show that Sela has returned from exile in the wake of the destruction of the homeworld, to take advantage of that and try her hand at another Tal Shiar backed coup. It was maybe just on my mind because of STO, but when Hugh said “…now our queen is a Romulan.” I immediately felt like he was talking about Sela, and that would very much fit her character arc as depicted in STO.

Those were the main ones I’ve noticed, and some might come to me as the show goes on. I hope there will be a lot more elements from STO included.

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