The Clash of the Simultaneous Pro- and Anti- Abortion Rallies

“Abortion on Demand & Without Apology” Protesters

On our first anniversary day (1/26/2013), Doc and I meandered about the Financial District in the early-ish morning.  As we passed more and more of the SOMA hotels, we saw more and more people emerging with anti-abortion signs.

“Welcome to San Francisco,” one of them sneered, “pro-choice city. The hypocrites!” It soon became obvious that a large group had flown into San Francisco to host an anti-abortion rally.

Eventually we came upon that spot with the Forever 21, the GAP, and that trolley stop at about 2 Stockton Street. This is where the anti-abortion rally was taking place. It didn’t take long for a layer of pro-abortion protesters to react and form around the anti-abortion rally. And not long at all for a layer of photographers to form around the two layers, hoping to shoot some shit going down.

The anti-abortionists had set up a large screen TV showing photographs of dead fetuses, and had a large speaker system set up. I’m still not sure which group this was. Several of their number wore shirts which read “Abortion Abolitionist.” So maybe that’s their group’s name.

So of course we entered the fray, and took lots and lots of photos! Please enjoy.

I’ve noticed that I may have introduced a bias in what I documented at the event. Well, I didn’t want graphic surgical photos showing up on my anniversary-day photos, did I?

All shots on ISO 400 TRI-X film, with my Lomography LC-A. Developed myself in the Noisebridge darkroom.

Troy's mouth.
Cops at the rally. Also, Troy’s mouth.


“Separation of Church and State” Protesters
Photographers at the rally
But who photographs the photographers? The two women in the center are reacting to the widescreen display of graphic surgical photos. I like how different the two reactions are.


Cops setting up barricades
Cops setting up barricades
Abortion Abolitionist
This self-described “Abortion Abolitionist” was eager to speak with passers-by.


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