A Conversation on Capp Street

Capp Street Houses (San Francisco, California)

One particularly balmy summer’s night of 2012, I couldn’t get to sleep until I had all the windows wide open to allow a minuscule bit of breeze in. Unfortunately, what was a sleep aid earlier in the night came to facilitate my abrupt awakening later on.

The sounds of a man’s voice shouting, a woman’s voice replying groggily, and a car engine idling rose directly into my ears via the open windows.

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The Clash of the Simultaneous Pro- and Anti- Abortion Rallies

“Abortion on Demand & Without Apology” Protesters

On our first anniversary day (1/26/2013), Doc and I meandered about the Financial District in the early-ish morning.  As we passed more and more of the SOMA hotels, we saw more and more people emerging with anti-abortion signs.

“Welcome to San Francisco,” one of them sneered, “pro-choice city. The hypocrites!” It soon became obvious that a large group had flown into San Francisco to host an anti-abortion rally.

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