Anniversary Roll

For our first anniversary, Doc and I shot some more couples’ double-exposures (see also “The Couples’ Roll” we shot back in October). It just so happened that on the day of our anniversary, aside from there being a big rally, Lomography was holding a double-exposure walk through Chinatown.

Doc in Chinatown, overlaid on our hands making a heart.

On this roll I shot first, then we re-wound the film and Doc shot on my shots. None of the shots were planned for how they would interact with the other person’s – we wanted that to be random.

Here are some of my favourite shots from the Anniversary Roll:

My back, on a lion in Chinatown.
Me drinking fruity rum drinks in The Empress of China, on some Financial District buildings.
I especially like that we appear to be interacting in this one; but actually I took the photo of Doc in Chinatown first, and then he took the photo of me that night on Forbes Island.
Golden hour me on some buildings
Doc on my butt, in Craftsmen and Wolves. I took a picture of Doc on a pier… maybe Pier 42, and then he took a picture of my butt at Craftsmen and Wolves.


Me in the apartment building, over some fire escapes in Chinatown.
Doc looking down on the buildings from The Empress of China.

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