Guts of Glory!

I got to play Guts of Glory this week, which was a lot of fun. Doc had backed the Kickstarter to get the game, which is a boardgame set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where you compete for glory by eating various things. Things like tapeworms, spiders, and… the moon. The items vary in how tough they are to eat, as well as how much glory they reward you (if successfully eaten).

Doc photobombing my documentation attempts.

You can also sabotage your fellow players by chewing their items, forcing them to chew your items, or spewing unwanted items at them. Everybody in our group seemed to get pretty underhanded pretty fast. Which I think is the point.

Also, you apparently have to be the same colour piece as is indicated by the trim on your mouth board, but Dean and I did not want that so we switched pieces. Doc said we couldn’t do that, but we did anyway and nothing bad happened. You must understand, I NEEDED the pointy-teeth-forked-tongue board with the yellow trim, but I also NEEDED to be the really round and fat blue piece. Needed to be it. And apparently Dean needed to be the yellow guy with tiny feet. I guess what I am saying is, that Doc was wrong and you can switch up the pieces however you want.

And now Dean is photobombing my documentation attempts. That’s it, I give up on getting a natural picture of the game in progress.

Above all I intensely love the amazing artwork. I have a soft spot for post apocalyptic aesthetics, and of course this game has such a fun and goofy twist on it that I find it impossible not to love. I think I might be addicted to this game now.

Nobody ever did manage to eat the moon, by the way. Although there were many attempts, and it seemed to show up in every single game. Nobody swallowed the moon.

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