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Master Aryon and his Protege: Recreational Activities

I commissioned Lukas Ketner to draw the scene of Steen and Aryon smoking and chilling and “researching spells,” and ho-lee crap he knocked it out of the park. The style is fantastic. I absolutely love the old-school Dungeons & Dragons … Continue reading

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Three Questions for Baladas

I’ve recently had a realization that I wanted to share, about the chore that Gothren’s Mouth (Mallon Ryon) gives you – to ask Baladas Demnevanni three questions. It always stood out to me as a strange and deceptively simple quest, … Continue reading

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The Nightblade Hiring Process

I just thought it would be hilarious if Steen put “Blades Informant” on her resume – broadcasting her deepest darkest secret – because it is relevant work history! She doesn’t want a gap there, that’d look bad 😉 Also, I … Continue reading

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