Nashville Trip

Welp I’m travelling in Nashville this week and yarr my comic is so delayed! But next Sunday I’ll have it up.

Nashville has been fun thus far, it has a pretty good live music scene and we got to hear some great performances at a Singer-Songwriter Night at a bar in midtown, along with a bunch of other stuff. That is something I’ve always really admired about places like New Orleans and Nashville, is how much they really value music, and it shows.

However, the bad side of Nashville is that the cars are absolutely out of control here. Like they don’t care if you’re crossing at a crosswalk, or if you have the walk sign on for pedestrians, they DO NOT SLOW DOWN AT ALL when approaching crosswalks or walk-signs. So cars turning left at an intersection, for example, will just accelerate straight into pedestrians crossing with the lights and with the pedestrian crossing sign on and everything. It is terrifying and the most horrible thing ever. I actually had to dive out of the way a couple of times because otherwise I would be dead. I have no idea how everybody in Nashville isn’t already dead from being run over by cars.

Because the weird thing is, lots of people seem to walk in Nashville! Like everybody, everywhere, is walking and there’s lots of sidewalks and certain neighborhoods would actually be very walkable if not for the fact that every single car-driver is apparently hell-bent on murder. It is such a sad example of how car culture just ruins things.

Oh, well. Have another screenshot.


Please Do Not Give That to Me: a Musical Transcription

Doc and I love making up silly songs and singing them at each other as we walk around The Mission. If you made it out to the latest 8bitSF, you got to hear Doc and me sing one of these songs for you. A song titled “Please Do Not Give That to Me,” which I have transcribed for you here:


Learn it. Know it. Live it. Then you’ll be all ready to sing along at our show for DEATH + TAXES + CHIPTUNES on April 15th.

Originally the name of the composition was going to be “Don’t Give Me Dat” which is a closer approximation of how we sing it to each other as we walk down Valencia Street. But Doc and I cracked up at how formal and official the song looked when I started transcribing it into musical notation, that we thought it would be funnier to give it a stuffier-sounding name. Hence: “Please Do Not Give That to Me.”