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The Dangers of Phase Contrast Microscopy

This honestly happens to me far too frequently, you’d think I would learn to avoid it or something. I’m just going to say that I get so excited to see my little bacteria under the scope, that I can’t help … Continue reading

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Long Filaments of Bacteria Acting as Living Electrical Cables!

Imagine this: bacteria that need a metal to put electrons onto in order to respire.  It’s not too strange, really; we need oxygen to put electrons onto when we respire so in that sense it’s a similar mechanism.  These bacteria … Continue reading

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Why evolutionary narratives make me mad

Those of you who know me would know that I’m always complaining about popular science writing and reporting, and how they gloss over key points or (and this is my biggest pet-peeve) how they tend to misrepresent natural selection (I … Continue reading

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