Raw Denim Part II: Do Men’s Jeans Fit on Women?

You may recall the first pair of raw denim jeans that I got recently. However, those were not 100% cotton, so I had still been on the lookout for that. I quickly gave up on finding all-cotton jeans in a women’s cut, so I decided to see how men’s jeans fit me.

Since my husband has loads of awesome denim, I told him that I wanted to see how his jeans fit me. That way, I would know if it would even be worth my while to look into getting jeans in a men’s cut. He had me try on his Iron Heart SEXIHXINDO16 jeans that were just a bit too small for him to be comfortable. To our surprise, they fit me really well! Since he doesn’t wear them anymore, he gave them to me. The only photo I have of me wearing the Iron Hearts is this one of me with the dead squirrel, unfortunately.

But this opened up a whole new range of possibilities! Continue reading “Raw Denim Part II: Do Men’s Jeans Fit on Women?”

Raw Denim

Giffy Jeans
Giffy Jeans

I recently got my first pair of raw denim selvedge jeans from Self Edge Denim on Valencia and they even hemmed them up for me so now I finally get to wear them around. The pair I got were some 3sixteens, and were actually these jeans here. They are quite stretchy, so I doubt very much that they are 100% cotton, but it is not clear what they are made of. The most my research on Cone’s S-Gene Denim has turned up, is that maybe it is a blend of 92% ring spun cotton, 7% polyester and 1% Elastane. It seems that 100% cotton jeans for women are so very rare these days. Continue reading “Raw Denim”