The Emperor Blew Up the Shield Wall!

During yesterday’s Dune session, there were several memorable moments, but perhaps most dramatic is when the Emperor suffered a harrowing loss to Atreides, and then decided to blow up the Shield Wall – causing the storm to immediately wipe out the Atreides and Harkonnen settlements of Arrakeen and Carthag. That was pretty incredible.

The Emperor Blew Up the Shield Wall!

After that, it mostly came down to the Emperor and the Spacing Guild squabbling over strongholds, as they were the only ones that had the wealth to keep fighting and deploying troops. And they kept funding each other in a macabre cycle, the Emperor paying the Guild to deploy troops and the Guild paying the Emperor for weapons. The Bene Gesserit made a strong showing late game, though. This was definitely the most exciting game I’ve played yet! Although the previous game did involve Harkonnen shooting a shielded Fremen with a lasgun, with predictably dramatic results.

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