Blow a Kiss to Mommy

Blow a kiss.

I sat near a young family on a BART train this weekend, as I rode from 24th street to West Oakland. The parents were in their mid 30s, the first child was perhaps 7 years old, and the second child was perhaps 2. Every family member had some form of assorted luggage with them, even the children. However, as the train approached Embarcadero, the mother began saying goodbye to her family, and kissed her youngest daughter several times as the train pulled up to the stop. The youngest seemed to enjoy her mother’s kisses, but was also calm and mildly disinterested; content to gaze out the window.

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A Conversation on Capp Street

Capp Street Houses (San Francisco, California)

One particularly balmy summer’s night of 2012, I couldn’t get to sleep until I had all the windows wide open to allow a minuscule bit of breeze in. Unfortunately, what was a sleep aid earlier in the night came to facilitate my abrupt awakening later on.

The sounds of a man’s voice shouting, a woman’s voice replying groggily, and a car engine idling rose directly into my ears via the open windows.

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All Worlds Fair

On February 22nd, 2013 I went to the All Worlds Fair in San Francisco’s Old Mint building as a part of Group Aichi (the first group). It was a wonderful night put together by a lot of talented people, so I am grateful that I got to go.

After waiting in line, everybody was herded into a tarp enclosure and given time to fill out a battery of forms which were promptly ignored and shredded.

Ironic bureaucracy: is it just as harmful as REAL bureaucracy? Filling out forms in Mint Plaza.

We were given an hour on floor 1, and then an hour on floor 2. The floor 1 exhibits were all interactive art exhibits which the attendees were expected to participate in, whereas the floor 2 exhibits were all performances which the attendees would passively watch.

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