Lorge Boi Hours

“Hello I am the newest recruit. I am a perfectly normal Romulan here to support your terrorist organization, and not at all affiliated with the Tal Shiar.”

I’ve been cracking myself up by making a Colonel Hakeev and running around the Flotilla in a Romulan Republic uniform

It’s lorge boi hours in Character Creation: The Game

He does instantly make any situation 100% more hilarious, though.

Artbreeder on Game Screenshots

So, like everybody else, I’ve been running my game screenshots through Artbreeder and enjoying the results. I’ve also been going back in and painting over / cleaning up / editing the results to make them more closely resemble their characters. It’s fun!

Colonel Hakeev after the power of Artbreeder
The Romulan only known as “Law”
Master Aryon before and after artification. Artbreeder added the earring on its own, and I decided to keep it.

Somebody mentioned that Master Aryon looks like Alexander Siddig here and,,, omg that would be the most incredible casting I could possibly imagine.