Oakland Day

One of my friends recently moved from SF to Oakland. Well, yet *another* of my friends moved to Oakland. To his credit, he’s made an effort to continue to come out to SF and hang out. Which is honestly amazing to me, but much appreciated. But for today, he planned an Oakland Day where we’d all go out to Oakland and bike around and hang out there instead. So we did!

Bikes on the BART

Our bikes on the BART to go to Oakland

Yoyoing by Lake Merrit

Doc Yoyoing by Lake Merritt

Bike Trip to Marin

The Golden Gate Bridge was closed to cars (for construction – they’ve FINALLY put that movable barrier on it), so we decided to bike to Sausalito today. It was a lot of fun, but of course lots of other people had the same idea, so the bridge was pretty packed. It was still super interesting to watch the construction workers do their thing!

Doc and Mike on the Golden Gate Bridge
Doc and Mike on the Golden Gate Bridge

A Peace March on the Golden Gate
There was also a peace march going on while we were there

Construction workers on the Golden Gate Bridge
Some of the construction workers on the Golden Gate Bridge today

Also, lots of people were super determined to keep riding their bikes all the way across the bridge, which seemed crazy to me. The walking/biking path was packed full of people, so it didn’t really seem worth it to us. But! Lots of people did just that, nonetheless.