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AKA Eddie The Rat

Re-re-replaying Morrowind, I’ve realized that it gives Fast Eddie a very different context depending on whether you finish the House Telvanni questline BEFORE contracting corpus, versus after contracting corpus. In the past, I did it after contracting corpus, so it … Continue reading

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Enchanted Pants

Enchanting in Morrowind is totally obnoxious and takes forever to get any good at it. And I never feel like making any enchantments except for the super awesome ultra the-professionals-will-charge-you-100,000-drakes-to-do-it sorts of enchantments. Sooooo I just go to the professionals. … Continue reading

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Sworn Duty: Final

So, obviously, I was suuuper interested in saving Emperor Uriel Septim VII, and I found the opening quests in Oblivion suuuper compelling. JUST KIDDING I DIDN’T LIFT A FINGER TO SAVE THE EMPEROR! HAR HAR! There are actually things I … Continue reading

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