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Morrowind’s Prison-Industrial Complex

I drew a comic based 100% on real, actual (Morrowind) events. I’ve also written a prelude to it because I think those events were hilarious as well. At least everybody in Morrowind is so cynical that nobody even pretends the … Continue reading

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Where did trolls come from?

This series is an attempt to provide some backstory for my 2013 24-Hour Comic. Jump to an article in my Norse Backstory series: 1) Where did trolls come from? 2) Whatever are “Runes”? 3) Who were the valkyries? That is … Continue reading

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The Unquiet Grave

Introducing, in time for Halloween, a Medieval tale of a revenant… and the boy who loves it. I did a cursory scan-and-crop of my 24 Hour Comic, “The Unquiet Grave,” for your reading pleasure.  This was the first time that … Continue reading

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