Aryon’s Corpus Disease Paper

I’d been reading a whole lot of immunology papers lately, and I became obsessed with the idea of Master Aryon writing a paper on his studies of Corpus disease. I figure since he did his early work in the Corpusarium (and has a Restoration skill of 90), he probably wrote up his findings a few times. Also the game has other academic writings like “Itermerel’s Notes” and “Kagouti Mating Habits,” so there’s precedent for that sort of thing.

Master Aryon writing a paper on his Corpus disease study

I honestly spent way too much time trying to decide if Aryon would use t-SNE or UMAP for the dimensionality reduction of his cell expression data, even though neither algorithm even existed yet when Morrowind came out.

Across the Aisle

Steen is possibly not the most welcome guest in Llethri Manor, though I cannot imagine why

The last time Steen was in Llethri Manor, the Darts of Judgement mysteriously went missing. But I’m sure that’s all just a big coincidence. Obviously, Steen is a big-time important politician now – look at her! Reaching across the aisle, trying to form a Redoran/Telvanni coalition to fight together against Imperialist injustices and bust the Mages Guild Monopoly! So suave! So mature! Clearly Steen wouldn’t know anything about the darts, what are you implying?