Who Were the Valkyries?

Who were the valkyries?
Who were the valkyries?

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3) Who were the valkyries?

Ahh, the mysterious raven-women. After each battle, about half of the heroes slain would go to feast forever with Odin in his hall called Valhalla, while the other half of slain heroes would go to feast forever with Frejya in her hall called Sessrúmnir. Slain heroes that were fighting because they just absolutely loved fighting, and/or were Berserks went to Valhalla. Slain heroes that were fighting to defend something, such as land or loved ones, went to Sessrúmnir. If your loved one (husband, wife, lover, etc) went to Sessrúmnir, then you were allowed to join them in Frejya’s hall after you died, too. However, only the bloodthirsty Berserks could ever get into Odin’s hall. Continue reading “Who Were the Valkyries?”