Lessons of Vivec Generator

I was playing Morrowind just now, and as I was reading one of the 36 Lessons of Vivec, two thoughts came to me in rapid succession:

  1.  These things sound like a Markov chain generator wrote them
  2.  I should write a Markov chain generator to write new lessons of Vivec

So I did.

Just think of all the new and revolutionary knowledge this could unlock for us! CHIM for everybody!

It was just something quick and fun I did, I haven’t refactored it at all, so while it is fully functional it is somewhat messy. One day I will re-write it in something like Rust or C, so I can just have an executable for people who want to play with it but don’t want to have to install Ruby. But today is not that day.

If you want to make your own, I’ve pushed it up to GitHub here: https://github.com/Steenaire/lessons_of_vivec_generator

Anyhow, this is an example of the sort of thing it spits out when I feed it all 37 of the 36 lessons (yes, there are actually 37):
No perils are the netchiman’s wife and was not a hammer.

Then Vivec could do you will.

Vivec spoke two Dwemeri high priests stir up invalidating the Big Moon, further from the promise of swords.

Seht to show the star-wounded East, under the House he had the place it had built against her and cut her belly with six cutting strokes. The Dwemer said, ‘I am the day you in, mantra and its segments had the sun by violence and told him in the error of Veloth, creating the mouth with happiness. ’ Second, he no guarantees made the word of the twin gates of the sea, Vivec was a crown. Walk across the high priests stir up together, combining as a span of Boet-hi-Ah.

‘I would prefer,’ he recalled the Striking. That way than the awe of bones. He destroyed by our former meanings, like a trick worthy of a mystic that was of modular warriors who told the Scaled Blanket is attached to hide theirs from it out,

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Chemua, the sun by a star, which will return, he talked harshly:

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The ending of the words is ALMSIVI.