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Making More Meshes

After last week, I finally discovered the workflow for how to edit .nif meshes for Morrowind. And it is pretty ridiculous, but I got it working now. Import the .nif into Blender 2.49 Because apparently that’s the only one that … Continue reading

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Adventures in Mesh Replacers

Well, I did the thing I said I’d never do: I tried out a character mesh/texture replacer mod for Morrowind. I had decided that the faces in the Races Redone mod looked pretty good and were very true to the … Continue reading

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The Newest Lopapeysa!

Welllp, I’ve finished another lopapeysa… just in time for summer, alas.  I’ve still been wearing it out of obstinance because I don’t want to wait until next winter to wear it. I followed Jenn Steingass’ “Dreyma” pattern and it is … Continue reading

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